A 3d perfume

A perfume that can tell the time

A perfume that only blooms every 7-10 years

A perfume that makes your body smell like a ghost

A perfume that self-destructs when not used daily

A perfume that has six sides

A perfume you can read for fun

A perfume controlled by whomever you're in conversation with. When not in conversation, you are whichever smell your last conversation partner set for you.

A perfume that smells like the deepest part of the ocean

A perfume that reminds you how peaceful it would be if human beings disappeared and jellyfish ruled the planet

A perfume that rains and it’s always 1992

A perfume that’s parasitic, feeding on the thoughts of whomever is wearing it

A perfume that feels like a last kiss before dying in outer space

A perfume that’s as thankful for the sun as you are

A perfume that cries in every color scheme

A perfume that spies on your peers so you don’t have to

A perfume dedicated to the potato

A perfume as key

A perfume that listens to music and notices it’s beautiful

A perfume that always feels distant like a telephone ringing from another room in a dream

A perfume that slowly turns you into a pumpkin

A perfume so special it sparkles at midnight

A perfume that has two controllable states: one encourages people to come talk to you, the other tells people to stay away

A perfume that makes you more sensitive to the direction of the wind

A perfume that turns you into mist, too

A perfume as side effect

A perfume virus

A virus perfume

A smiling perfume

A magnetic perfume

A slowly dying perfume

A perfume that signals goodbye