Kenzo, “Ça Sent Beau”

Woodsy, fiery, sage essence in Japanese style. A frayed kimono. A grandma in a frayed kimono, smoking and playing sudoku.

A department store lobby, where no one is seen but a woman playing Vivaldi on a grand piano. Quickly but calmly, department store clerks stockpile every possible object for sale in the center. A match is lit. The clerks bow their heads as if praying while the lobby fills with smoke. Ah, all possible smells together at last, says the pianist while coughing.

This scent was made in 1988, but really 1889 is not out of the picture. Another classic time warp/fuck: grandma remembers her non-sexual winter honeymoon that lasted 1000 years. Or maybe the honeymoon starts tomorrow, trapped in a snowglobe filled with gasoline.