Parfumerie Generale, “Grand Siecle Intense Eau de Parfum”

Welcome to the theater. It is full of people waiting for the show to start. Please note that two large screens on either side of the stage are turned off right now.

The curtain is rising. There are two thrones at extreme ends of the stage—one on the left, one on the right! In each baroque-style gold-leafed 6 ft.-high-chair is sitting one adult born 30 years ago. Yes, today is their 30th birthday! On the screens you can see each one’s face in zoomed-in detail. Wow, they are smiling at each other. And now the curtain is closing.

The curtain is rising again. Now there is a tall pedestal at dead center stage. On top of the pedestal is a miniature ancient city revolving slowly, as if it is for sale or something. Under the spotlight, one of the gold-leafed spires of a church in this tiny city is managing to glimmer despite being caked with what appear to be thousands of spider webs. Every detail is seen magnified with three complete spins. The curtain is now closing.

The curtain is rising, and there are ten children on stage, each wearing gold antennae, frozen in various dance-like positions. The monitors reveal the children are still breathing and not actually dead. And… from out of what appears to be nowhere… two children (without antennae) are now pulling a wheeled carriage onto the stage! And the children with the antennae… they are… yes, they are boarding! And now the door is closing, and it’s off! Off they go! Wow. And the curtain is closing again.

There is applause.

Parfumerie Generale