Comme des Garçons × Monocole, “Hinoki”

(Part 1)

In the dark, dark woods1, there was a dark, dark hot tub2. And in the dark, dark hot tub, there was a dark, dark white (looks gray) lily3. And near the dark, dark white (looks gray) lily, there was a dark, dark lilypad. And on the dark, dark lilypad, there was a dark, dark blob of SPF 50 sunscreen4. And swimming through the dark, dark, blob of SPF 50 sunscreen, there was a dark, dark ladybug. And on top of the dark, dark ladybug is a bright, bright flashlight. My friend holds the light as I rescue the ladybug from the blob. It flies away into the wooded night.

1. Scandinavian cedars or Japanese cypress. Or, pine-sol with a citrus infusion.
2. Or, a natural hot spring bubbling from the earth’s molten core.
3. Everything is black and white in the moonlight, even lilies.
4. Good protection, or a pleasant surprise on a low ozone day.

Comme des Garçons × Monocole